About us

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Thousands of customers choose MotoNovo Finance every week to buy their next car, van or motorbike. We offer a range of relevant products and services quickly, efficiently and competitively, and have been doing so for over 40 years.

Supported by a multi-national bank, FirstRand, we are a secure and highly respected organisation that has been recognised as a leader in the field for some time.

Our story is one of sustainability and innovation. We are always learning and adapting to the needs of our customers and our environment to ensure a brighter future for all.


Our history


1972 -  MotoNovo Finance was founded as Carlyle Finance in Cardiff, South Wales, by Sir Julian Hodge.


1999 -  Struggling to compete with the much larger players who dominated the market, the company began to look ahead to a new way of thinking. 


2000 -  Under new leadership, the business set about a major change programme with a clear Vision to become the UK's leading independent motor finance business.

An absolute focus on dealer finance, a real entrepreneurial spirit, and a willingness to embrace change and innovation enabled Carlyle Finance to grow in scale, reputation, and profitability.

At a time of exits and consolidations in the independent finance sector, Carlyle Finance continued to win friends amongst the dealer community.


2006 - WesBank, South Africa's leading car finance company, acquired the business.

This significant investment allowed the Carlyle Finance business to realise its true potential. New premises, investment in technology, and a wide scale recruitment of talent began to lay the foundations for future success.


2008 -  The Banking Crisis presented an opportunity for Carlyle Finance to grow out of even the darkest days. The concept of inch by inch improvement inspired the business to celebrate customer service, the small wins, and operating with integrity.


2009 - In an uncertain market, a focus on making even the basic things a great success fuelled the business' courage and helped Carlyle take perspective: to survive would be to prosper.


2011 - Just as bankers were being let back into public trust,the PPI scandal gripped the UK. Yet again, mistrust and dishonesty plagued the financial markets and banks were back out in the cold with the British public.

Carlyle Finance saw the opportunity to change the way financial institutions were behaving, and pushed forward with a way of making PPI customer friendly. The business continued to sell it profitably whilst keeping its customers at the heart.


2012 - After many years of galvanising success, Carlyle Finance rebranded to MotoNovo Finance, distinguishing itself against its competitors to become a leading forcein the future of the motor industry and drive forward through innovation and change.

The MotoNovo brand fully embraces its Latin translation, where 'moto' means 'moving, driving forward' and 'novo' means 'refresh, renew, innovate, change'.

The company launched a mission to bridge the gap between consumer expectations and what was readily available to them, ensuring that dealer finance remained vibrant and sustainable in the highly competitive and rapidly changing market.


2014 - MotoNovo's quest to take position as the UK's top performing finance companies was achieved when the company pushed rivals, Barclays, from third place market position.


2015 - Due to its innovative spirit, the company made over £52million profit in the years 2014-2015 and projected to exceed £62million profit by end of the financial year 2016.


2016 - MotoNovo Finance achieved second place market position, displacing Santander.

The sales divisions are expanding, growing the company's reach across the UK and even into Northern Ireland, which has meant an end to the reliance on online brokers.

The business is always growing and diversifying, and the expansion follows an exciting move to Central Square, within the Central Cardiff Enterprise Zone.


2017 - MotoNovo has become strong, stable, and one of the most successful businesses in Wales.

MotoNovo has launched its Personal Loans service and is looking forward to unveiling the next generation in online car buying. 

A decade of strength, courage, hard work, and integrity is to be celebrated by the people who have made it all possible.

To learn more about the MotoNovo Finance story, please feel free to browse the sections of this website.  You'll find all the information you need right here.