Get a settlement quote


If you would like to pay off your loan early, you can request a settlement quote from us. 

Through this service you can:

  • Hear your settlement amount;
  • Hear how your settlement quote is calculated; 
  • Pay your settlement figure;
  • Request a letter confirming your settlement amount. 

To use this service you must have:

  • Your agreement number;
  • Your date of birth in a 6 digit format e.g. for 9th September 1980 you will need to enter 090980;
  • The numeric values from your registration number e.g. for Reg No CG11BQY you will need to enter 11 


Choose one of these options to request a settlement figure:

  • Online

To get an online settlement figure, please register your account or login.

  • Mobile

Get the MyMotoNovo app for your iPhone or Android smartphone by downloading it for free.

  •  Telephone

You can get an automated settlement quote by calling 0333 200 0030.


Need more information on how to settle your agreement? 

Download this guide from the Finance & Leasing Association