Get a Settlement Quote


If you would like to pay off your loan early, you can request a settlement quote from us. Choose one of the options below to request a settlement figure.



To get an online settlement figure, please register your account or login.



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You can get an automated settlement quote by calling 0333 200 0030.


Through this service you can:

  • Hear your settlement amount;
  • Hear how your settlement quote is calculated; 
  • Pay your settlement figure;
  • Request a letter confirming your settlement amount. 

To use this service you must have:

  • Your agreement number;
  • Your date of birth in a 6 digit format e.g. for 9th September 1980 you will need to enter 090980;
  • The numeric values from your registration number e.g. for Reg No CG11BQY you will need to enter 11 


Need more information on how to settle your agreement? 

Download this guide from the Finance & Leasing Association