Insurance Products

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MotoNovo Finance customers have access to our insurance products which aim to give you value, quality, and peace of mind alongside your finance agreement.   


MotoNovo Care

MotoNovo Care protects customers by maintaining payments on the vehicle in the event of death, illness, disability, and unemployment.

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GAP Insurance

Guaranteed Asset Protection, or GAP, protects against losses that can occur in the event of your vehicle being written off or stolen. We offer two types of GAP insurance.

Our shortfall GAP insurance can cover the shortfall on your finance agreement and the value of the vehicle at the time of claim, less any excess over £500 for cars and vans, or £250 for motorcycles. 

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Our Return to Invoice (RTI) GAP insurance can cover the difference between the amount you paid for the vehicle and the amount your insurance company will give you as compensation for the loss. 

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We offer a distinctive service for our motorcycle customers; our RTI Motorcycle GAP insurance. 

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