Making a vehicle quality complaint

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Should you not be satisfied with the quality of your vehicle, please download our Vehicle Quality Complaint form here. Complete the form and submit with any supporting documentation you may have.

Please note: if you experience compatibility issues with the form, please send an email to

Prior to logging a complaint with MotoNovo Finance, please read the below FAQs to ascertain if we are able to assist you in addition to the options available should we be able to assist.

When can I complain?

You can complain at any time, but there are different remedies available to you depending on when you complain about the faults.

If you are exercising your 30-day short-term right to reject, you must prove the fault was present at date of delivery.

If you are complaining more than 6 months after receiving the vehicle, you must be able to prove that the faults were present at the point the vehicle was supplied. The law assumes that any faults, if found to exist, would have been present at the point the vehicle was supplied for the first six months of the Agreement. 

How long does a complaint take to resolve?

Our aim is to resolve all complaints as soon as possible and keep you updated at all times.

Regulation allows 56 days in which to resolve the complaint, so while some complaints will be resolved extremely quickly, some complaints are far more complex and need careful investigation.

What are the remedies available?

Depending on when the faults are reported to MotoNovo Finance, this will determine the remedies available to you.  It is best to discuss these options with your complaint handler.

Who proves if a fault is present?

If the dealer and yourself dispute whether or not a fault is present, the Vehicle Quality Team will arrange for a diagnostic report  to be undertaken at a third party garage, or alternatively an independent inspection of the vehicle.

How long should repairs take?

You need to allow the dealer a reasonable time to carry out repairs. If the repair cannot be completed in a reasonable time, or it causes significant inconvenience to you, then you may have the right to reject the goods.

Can I have a courtesy car?

You are not automatically entitled to a courtesy car whilst repairs are completed, and some dealerships are unable to provide this. In these circumstances, MotoNovo Finance may consider paying a contribution towards hire costs, or to cover public transport costs, but this is decided on a case by case basis.

Can I arrange repairs myself?

If you get repairs done without giving the dealer or MotoNovo Finance the opportunity to inspect the vehicle, the repairs could be classed as "unauthorised" by us. As repairs will have been completed without assurance that there was a problem with the vehicle, we may not be able to accept liability and cover costs.

Can I arrange repairs elsewhere?

Generally, we will always suggest that you have repairs undertaken by the supplying dealer. This is because it is generally quicker, and the dealer will be able to arrange and pay for repairs without added complications.

If you and the supplying dealership are a significant distance apart, or if the relationship between the two parties has broken down, or the dealer is unable to arrange repairs, we will consider all requests for independent repairs, but this is not usually at a franchised dealership, because their labour costs are far more expensive, and for a used vehicle you are not necessarily entitled to new manufacturer branded parts. This is classed as "betterment", and you are only entitled to be put back into the position you would have been in, not an improved position.

It is recommended to obtain three quotes to ensure that the price quoted is a fair one, and that the work assessed to be carried out is correctly diagnosed.

Who are ACE?

ACE  are Automotive Consulting Engineers Ltd.  They are independent engineers used by many firms within the vehicle industry to undertake independent inspections.

How long does it take to get an independent inspection done?

Once the Vehicle Quality Team instruct the independent engineers, ACE (Automotive Consulting Engineers Ltd) will contact you, usually within 48 hours, to arrange a convenient time and place for the inspection to take place.

Once the inspector has carried out an inspection, it will take at least 72 hours for their report to be prepared, typed, and quality checked before it reaches MotoNovo Finance. The report will detail what faults, if any, are present, what is required to rectify them, and will also give an opinion based on the engineering evidence available as to whether or not the faults were present when the vehicle was supplied.

Once we've received the report, we will review it and send it on to the dealer for their comments, as well as providing a copy to you.

What does an independent inspection involve?

The inspector will make a physical examination of the vehicle, and may also scan the Engine Control Unit (on board computer) to check for any stored fault codes. They will note any faults, as well as taking photographic evidence, and may take the vehicle for a test drive.

If you wish you may be present when the vehicle is inspected, an inspection may take place at your home address or at a garage. This is especially relevant when the vehicle may, for example, need to be on a ramp for the inspector to view the parts required.

Is the outcome of a report binding?

No. The Vehicle Quality Team will look at all of the evidence available, which will include information from both yourself and the supplying dealer (in addition to the inspection report) before making a decision as to how the complaint should be resolved. Occasionally, the report is inconclusive, in which case we may ask the engineers to provide further analysis before reaching a decision.

What does the law say about Satisfactory Quality?

A vehicle must be of Satisfactory Quality taking account of its description and price.This means it must be: 

  • Free from minor defects
  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Fit for purpose
  • Have a satisfactory appearance and finish

Provided that the vehicle is of a similar quality to another used vehicle of that age and mileage, it can be deemed as being of satisfactory quality.

What is excluded?

  • Anything specifically drawn to your attention before the Agreement is signed.
  • Any issues which you could have spotted when viewing the car, for example cosmetic paintwork issues.


What you can do if you're not satisfied with the response to your complaint

We always want to be able to resolve your concerns. If you feel that our response to your complaint still does not fully address your issues, please let us know so we can understand if there is anything more we can do. However, where you are not satisfied with our final response or 8 weeks have passed since you first raised your complaint, you have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (you will have 6 months from the date of our final response to refer your complaint to them).

The Financial Ombudsman Service contact details are:

Tel:        0800 023 4 567 or 0300 123 9 123



Post:      The Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR