We Believe the Customer Comes First


'We Believe the Customer Comes First'

This is a core belief within our business which drives us to constantly deliver the very best customer service and support in the market. Our aim is to make financing your car a straight forward, accessible, enjoyable and obvious choice.

Below are just a small selection of the comments we've received from our customers


"I would like to put in writing my appreciation of the kindness I have received from Kristina Hamilton.

I rang as I was unable to meet the deadline for my initial payment for my vehicle. Kristina was not only extremely sympathetic to my situation, but assured me in an extremely professional manner that it would be rearranged to ensure that I had the funds into my account to meet this payment.

I cannot thank your organisation enough for the professional service and kindness I have received during this difficult time.

I would recommend your organisation to all my family and friends."



"I just wanted to drop you a mail to commend Tom following an excellent interaction with him.He was courteous, informative and very supportive, employing a refreshing approach of empathy during the call. I was extremely happy with the call and how it developed and I strongly believe that Tom is a credit to you and your organisation."

Neil P


"It isn't often I have the opportunity to compliment good customer service. When I do come across it however I make it my practice to praise it. Good customer service of the highest level is a rare thing and worth nurturing. Often a company is judged not by what it does right but by how well it rectifies its mistakes.

Tom O is a credit to your organisation and should be recognised as such. If you have an employee recognition program of any sort I would commend him to you for it. When I called and enquired following a letter on my account, which had a GAP claim on it that was going nowhere due to missing documents, he resolved my issue and did it personally.

He contacted me personally at each step of the process to make sure my concerns were addressed and that I was not left in the dark anymore about progress on my account. Thanks to Tom, an issue which had dragged on for two months was resolved in under a week. His actions were exemplary and the customer service I received from Tom was outstanding and of the level that I strive to achieve in any organisation I work in.

Your organisation should take note of Tom he is worth his weight in gold.

My sincerest gratitude to you Tom and thanks once again!"

Ben H


"I've dealt with several other car finance companies in the past, and this is by far the easiest one to deal with."

Andrew F


"Thank you so much for your courteous and speedy service."

Kathy B


"I just wish to say how very pleased I have been with Claire Francis who has helped me resolve a few issues concerning my Motonovo finance agreement. She has been an excellent credit to your company.

She was very understanding, polite & went beyond the call of duty to help me resolve an issue I was having. Claire should be made employee of the month for the excellent way she handled my queries & concerns. Without her I would be still having sleepless nights, stress and worry. A credit to your company is Claire.

Thank you."

John Penn-symons


"I have to say dealing with MotoNovo Finance was very satisfying to me. Tom and his colleagues have been extremely helpful and professional each time I was in contact. Your service can be highly recommended. 

Thank you all again for your kind help."

Dr Christian Lemm


"I would just like to say that dealing with MotoNovo Finance to repay a loan has been one of the most straightforward and easy transactions I have had with any company, which I greatly appreciate. Your phone service and option messages were completely clear, I was texted the bank details immediately enabling me to repay the loan straight away, and your email responses have been clear and prompt. Thank you." 

Ann Roche


"Thank you to all the team at MOTONOVO finance for all their help, support and assistance in helping to get my car sorted out. I feel that Motonovo have been second to none when it comes to customer service/support and would have no problems recommending you to friends and family. I would have every confidence in using Motonovo again in the future."

Cheryl D.


"I would just like to pass on my thanks and feedback for Keith Smith. Keith dealt with our situation professionally and went above and beyond to help rectify the problem.  He is a credit to your company and in such a difficult role in collections he should be commended and his expertise channelled to other members of staff; they could learn a lot from Keith, never threatening and extremely helpful in finding a solution. Every Company should have a Keith."

Ann Cullen


"I would like to formally recognise Mark Grennan for the following things:

Firstly Listening! Mark listened to the issue that I had properly and took on board my concerns and the problem

Keeping Me Informed.Mark generally kept me up to date with the issue in a timely way, even when I had to call Mark he was able to give me the information I needed at that time

Getting To The Correct Decision. This came from taking on board the situation as a whole and I am now getting my car back and getting it repaired

In short...Mark Grennan- Thank you!!!"

Tim Ollason


"Thank you very much for your help.

I just wish it was this easy with all companies."



"I took a credit agreement out with you last year and ran into a bit of trouble when I had 3 months  off work due to an illness.

Motonovo helped me out by reducing the payments over a longer period which meant I could afford to keep on top of the debt.

I am now back working and have made my last payment, I would like to pass on my thanks to you all for helping out at a difficult time and giving great service.

I would happily recommend your company to others and wouldn't hesitate to use your services again.

Many thanks."

A D Peacock


"Brilliant customer service that demonstrates that you are a Gold Investor in People. Thank you."



"Thank you for your assistance. I would like to take this opportunity to compliment your staff on their pleasant, patient, and helpful approach when I called them to arrange the settlement."

Dorothy Teather


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your high quality support which was offered to me over the last couple of days. Since my original phone-call which was handled by a lady called Bethan, I have received impeccable communication and support. I often leave the 'bills' to my husband as it can be a confusing and intimidating experience, however those preconceived ideas quickly went out the window when i spoke with you. You were informative and reassuring making the refinancing of my balloon payment simple and clear. I partially liked how you respected and adapted to my busy work life and utilized the free time i had available and also updated me when there were delays to ensure i wasn't sitting by the phone waiting. This is particularly unique quality which customers wont forget easily. I hope you could possibly forward this email to any senior staff to highlight your hard work and respect you have for your customers. This is huge thanks to you but also to Motonovo team, i have always been greeted with good customer service.  

Thank you very much" 

Sarah Nicholls 



You've really gone above and beyond to help me resolve my query and considering the poor service I've received from the dealership, I can't tell you how grateful I am!! You're a credit to your team and to MotoNovo. 

Thanks again for all your help, I really really appreciate it!!"