Everyone at MotoNovo Finance is proud of our progress as a business. Thats why we love hearing from our customers and dealers when we've done a great job. Detailed below are just a few comments we've received recently.

"I recently signed up with Quote and Propose with MNF and Ivendi and have already been very impressed with a customer proposing themselves on Quote and Propose and getting accepted. All I had to do then was arrange for the customer to test drive the car, sign the paperwork and the finance was paid out. A great product to help me sell more cars and finance."
Paul Slobodian, In2net Cars

"I have been selling LCV vehicles for over 10 years and I have a strong commitment to my customers to deliver the best service possible. Whilst I have always been able to offer my customers dealer finance I felt there was something lacking. MotoNovo Finance however listened to my needs and the needs of LCV dealers across the country. They have produced a product that is desirable for my customers, a slick process for proposing, extensive marketing support including appealing point of sale materials and most importantly, an enthusiastic team. MotoNovo Finance listened, and went above and beyond - thank you!"
Simon Joyce, Anchor Vans Ltd

"I've been in the motor retail sector for some 30 years and I have experienced good times and bad, currently the industry is very tough and margins are being squeezed to record lows.

We have always been close to the market and extremely proactive in looking for extra revenue streams.

Finance sales is an area where we have focused to improve our profitability and have come against some very stiff competition from the high street lenders.
Our bargaining position has strengthened since I was introduced to yourselves. From the start you have always showed a desire to work with us and made us feel we were doing you the favour rather than the other way round.

It's so refreshing being able to talk to all the team at whatever level and feel a sense of belonging.

I have now experienced just about every department in your company and have been very impressed with everyone's attitude and helpfulness.
The auditor rang me to arrange a chat and cup of coffee to go through some deal files. He applied common sense and not a raft of bureaucracy and the whole experience was very refreshing.

Michael in funding has been supportive and helpful in every aspect of the journey.
I met Karl and Mark when you invited me to Cheshire and experienced your hospitality on a personal level.

You demonstrated a new dimension in motor finance, and the innovation behind your product to be the best and market leaders, you've certainly achieved that!
Lastly a massive thank you to you and Justin, great guys and well done, a very happy new partner!!!"
Steve Phillips, M J Warner Volkswagen 


"Their speed with decisions and pay-out's is fantastic, and the personal service from my Account Manager, Susan, really makes a difference. I have also been invited to some Corporate Golfing Days with MotoNovo, where everything has been taken care of, and their hospitality has been great - even the weather was good!

MyMotoNovo Discount Shopping is a great incentive for me and my customers - when times are hard, it's nice to get something for nothing - particularly if it helps me sell more cars!"
Ian Gauld, Dunecht 4X4


"We value one quality above all others and that is service. The way our account is handled is crucial to our success. Yes, rates and terms are very important but they are useless if the deals don't flow.

MotoNovo Finance has been a partner for a number of years. In that time they have proved they will work hard on the account and deliver what they promise. That's why they are now our main provider of consumer finance."
Joe O'Donnell, Managing Director, Shields Land Rover 


"MotoNovo is the only Finance Company that regularly keeps us up to date on our active agreements. Their Change Alert also keeps us one step ahead of our competitors ensuring we retain the customers when they are considering a change of vehicle."
Colin Timms, Shields Group


"We have dealt with MotoNovo Finance for 3 years now.  We expect good service, and MotoNovo delivers.  They have brought fresh ideas and innovation to the business, but more importantly we value the relationship we have built, and the personal service we receive."
Jean White, Bridgend Group 


"We too were faced with the choice of changing from a long-standing relationship with another finance provider in the middle of last year. We chose MotoNovo Finance because their presentation and people conveyed a commitment to our business goals and they assured us that we wouldn't regret making such a major change. Since moving the business across to MotoNovo Finance it's a decision we've never regretted. Their systems and service are, in my opinion, the best in the industry and we have commenced a development program which has made an excellent start in growing our finance income."
Jane Wright, Eddie Wright Car Supermarket 


"We've been with MotoNovo Finance for a number of years and have found them to be able to deliver excellent service through the support of a very knowledgeable and committed team who have made a measurable difference to our F&I profitability, - especially over the last 2 years. In that time MotoNovo have advised us on a number of issues and ideas including amending our sales process and the recruitment and development of a Business Manager that has doubled finance income."
Alan Dodson, NMJ Motorhouse


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