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MotoNovo Finance understands the value of strong relationships. We believe that the future of dealer finance lies in customer retention.

Through the unique service known as Change Alert, our dealers can stay up to date with their finance customers, keeping them a step ahead of the competition.

We send our dealers regular updates when their customers are at the point that they typically think about changing their car. We also email the customer to let them know their agreement has reached a point where they may want to consider changing. This has been a popular communication to customers with as many as 75% viewing the email.

Our Change Alert service means that dealers always have a steady stream of leads to follow-up, contributing to unit sales and the bottom line. In addition, customers feel as though they are being catered for and the bond between dealer, customer and MotoNovo Finance is strengthened.

How to get Change Alert...

Please speak to your Account Manager if you'd like to receive Change Alerts and you can be setup straight away.

You can access Change Alert leads through Dashboard so you always have a steady stream of leads to follow-up.

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