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The Showroom Car New*

We understand the frustration of being presented with a quality customer who is trapped in negative equity or even prevented from buying additional products or accessories because of the 'loan to value' policies of many lenders making it difficult to close the deal.

Well not anymore!

HP+ is a product range that caters for a wide range of lending scenarios, from Rate4Risk through to our award winning HP and now including a personal loan solution that supports lending up to 150% of Glasses Guide retail for good quality customers buying used or new cars.

HP+ Features

  • A combination loan of Hire Purchase and Personal Loan for values up to 150% of GG retail all in a single direct debit payment
  • Terms from 12 to 60 months
  • A fully automated solution

Dealer Benefits

  • Help customers with negative equity
  • Increase warranty and add-on sales
  • Speed of acceptance- so you can close that sale then and there

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