MotoNovo Self-Serve

The Self-Serve Revolution

One of our biggest innovations this year has been the production of MotoNovo Self-Serve: a unique licence option for dealers, which allows their customers to self-serve their own finance. 

Since the dawn of the digital age, the way customers shop for their next vehicle has changed dramatically.

Customers increasingly expect instant gratification and have little patience for convoluted and complex financial procedures. They want transparent and straightforward experiences that are easily accessible and allow them to remain in control.

In early 2012, MotoNovo Finance recognised the gap between customer expectations and what was readily available to them. In response, we launched a mission to 'lead the industry in adopting a new and sustainable customer and dealer centric model that embraces the power and reach of the digital channel'.





MotoNovo Self-Serve

When a dealer chooses to become a MotoNovo Self-Serve dealer, they agree to let us take care of all the finance procedures, marketing and compliance.

Dealers will continue to receive fixed case fees and revenues for introducing customers to finance, as well as for allowing MotoNovo to advertise within the dealership itself.

The most important change, however, is the self-serve system. Dealers will receive an iPad and iPad stand so customers can apply for finance against their chosen vehicle directly from the dealership and directly with MotoNovo Finance.

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