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MotoNovo Finance brings you Quote and Propose, a digital tool that follows the success of CarLoanAdviser and MyCarLocator. Like these, it is designed to further empower you in the process of web-enabling your showroom.

Convert 'virtual dreamers'

Everyone knows that customers can research cars, look at dozens of pictures and make an enquiry for almost any car from just about any dealer in the country.

However, the vast majority of these people are 'virtual dreamers', who disappear back into cyber-space at the click of a mouse. The challenge is to convert them from this 'browsing' state of mind and involve them in a real conversation about buying a car. And the first step in achieving this is to place interactive finance calculators against every car, which tempt browsers to test the viability of dealer finance by constructing their own quotes, in light of their personal budget.

MotoNovo Finance is aware that this functionality has been around for a while, but their research has revealed large operational weaknesses in several offerings, plus often prohibitive set-up and ongoing costs to dealers.

Quote and Propose will allow your customers to generate a personalised finance quote for any car on your website and submit it directly to MotoNovo with the answer coming straight back to you, the dealer.

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Quote and Propose can be quickly and easily integrated into your website, with the help from our technology partner, iVendi. Speak to your local MotoNovo Account Manager to find out which digital media companies qualify and to help you get set-up.

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